Scattered fires and raging souls, except where Mel is a weaver of stories and a reader of cards, in a circle that remembers the beauty of both friendship and solitude.

What’s that?

You are unmoved by my attempt at crafting a statement which illuminates by inner being? I understand. Allow me to translate:

I play RPG’s and board games, which I totally blame on Wil Wheaton. My last D&D character was a rabbit-person Warlock named Floofrick von Bunwell.

I’m a genealogy nut, so I can tell you about your family, but not in a creepy way.

Bonus: I pay people to read my short stories! (Meaning, I participate in writing contests for fun.) My mother used to say that I would write stories and perform plays for people when I was three. While that assertion gets a squinty side-eye from me, I acknowledge I was fond of torturing my family with oddball performances from an early age.

So, these writings are the stuff of contests, unedited from their submitted forms except as noted. Someday I may rewrite them, as none have won me anything higher than an eighth place finish (which I am truly grateful for, make no mistake.) Someday.

Until then I will post my fiction freely on this site. I could try to get published somewhere, but I’d rather spend my time writing instead of pitching. Plus, less rejection here, which keeps my ooey-gooey center untroubled by thoughts of inferiority.

Enjoy! (That’s a suggestion, not a command, by the way. I’m not a monster.)