Photo by James Barker on Unsplash

Lily Takes the Cheese

Genre: Fable

CAT had a PLAN that ended with MELTED CHEESE.

DOG did not understand PLAN. She understood CHEESE though. And CAT said MELTED CHEESE was best, even better than the CHEESE on TACOS.

TACOS was a big-fun word for DOG, like BALL and WALK. It made DOG’S head tilt and her ears stand up tall. Humans would say,



TACOS, Lily?

DOG’S head would tilt back and forth and back again as they laughed. That made DOG happy.


Bella the Cat was sooo over DOG.

Bella watched MOM melting CHEESE at the stove as she talked into a little box held up to her ear.

“I have been through the mill this week, Grace,” said MOM. “Can’t wait to get this fondue party started!” MOM lifted the pan to bring it to the dining room.

CAT hissed a signal at DOG, who gave a great BORK and jumped on MOM. The pan clattered to the floor.

“LILY ANNA CARLSON!” shouted MOM. She grabbed Lily’s collar and dragged her into the garage.

Meanwhile, Bella padded over to lick up the MELTED CHEESE, which was far too hot. She hissed, then ran to hide under the table, her burnt tongue caught in a blep.

MOM used a newspaper to scoop up the mess and dump it in the trash in the garage.


After a few minutes, MELTED CHEESE was just the right temperature for DOG to lick off the newspaper.

CAT was right. MELTED CHEESE was best.

Copyright 2022 by Melani Weber