Tag: NYC Midnight

  • The Seduction of Jane Austen

    The Seduction of Jane Austen

    Moonlight preened atop a brimming coffee cup, set unsipped on Jane Austen’s desk. Between cup and Jane lay a historical biography, which strove to inform its reader about Important Things.

  • That Quote from Voltaire

    That Quote from Voltaire

    Allen receives a phone call from his beloved – a call with a toll that is still due. Is he ready to pay its price?

  • The Ravine

    The Ravine

    An email thread between sisters tells of a trip to a sold-off family farm, which brings unsettling memories and the potential for danger. (Extended version)

  • The Conyers Missile Crisis

    The Conyers Missile Crisis

    Out of the eight local and state elections he’d run in, the only time Doug Thorson was declared the winner was on the date of his last election, for the open seat on the Conyers City Council. Unfortunately, Thorson was murdered before he’d even found out.

  • Rumblebus


    I’ve told you the Rumblebus story too many times already! What? You want to hear it again? Alright. Here goes…

  • Four Ghosts

    Four Ghosts

    Can the lives of family members split by politics reunite one last time, before one is taken from this life forever? Witness a tense meeting along a border between countries as one member of this family straddles the border between life and death.

  • Sociology


    Horror / Planting a seed / Inseparable

  • Bounced


    A nightclub bouncer races through partying throngs to tell his lover that their affair is no longer a secret.

  • Lily Takes the Cheese

    Lily Takes the Cheese

    Bella the Cat promises Lily the Dog a treat of MELTED CHEESE. Can the two pets pull off this kitchen caper?