Tag: Short Story

  • The Ravine

    The Ravine

    An email thread between sisters tells of a trip to a sold-off family farm, which brings unsettling memories and the potential for danger. (Extended version)

  • The Conyers Missile Crisis

    The Conyers Missile Crisis

    Out of the eight local and state elections he’d run in, the only time Doug Thorson was declared the winner was on the date of his last election, for the open seat on the Conyers City Council. Unfortunately, Thorson was murdered before he’d even found out.

  • Going In-cog-ni-to

    Going In-cog-ni-to

    Eleven year-old Stefi sat on the floor of the maintenance closet with a grunt of frustration. She hid here to be alone when classroom chaos pushed her to the edge. Today, though, she heard a snort! from the other side of some shelves. Who…? Stefi saw a flash of rainbow colors, and a soft rustling…

  • A Link to the Past

    A Link to the Past

    In which Jordyn the Life Coach visits a lost world found by one of her clients. It’s a world where the fictional realm of Hyrule never lost its princess, and where Jordyn never lost hers.

  • Alexandria Ex Machina

    Alexandria Ex Machina

    In the end, Dru was just on this trip for the ride. Oh, sure; between shifts they engaged with each co-worker, schooling them on the virtues of chaos. But as their shift approached, so did distraction, as they anticipated their next ride.

  • Rumblebus


    I’ve told you the Rumblebus story too many times already! What? You want to hear it again? Alright. Here goes…

  • Four Ghosts

    Four Ghosts

    Can the lives of family members split by politics reunite one last time, before one is taken from this life forever? Witness a tense meeting along a border between countries as one member of this family straddles the border between life and death.

  • Mask of Blue Havana

    Mask of Blue Havana

    Summary: The year is 1898 and Cuba is fighting the Spanish for independence. An American Naval officer and a Cuban woman attend a masked ball, in a rarified haven amidst a city full of desperate refugees. Which is keeping a secret behind their mask?

  • Here and There

    Here and There

    A vacant lot holds much more than trash for the odd assemblage of people that wait nearby to hear the music of the Carousel. For Martin, it may hold something very dear.