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  • Going In-cog-ni-to

    Going In-cog-ni-to

    Eleven year-old Stefi sat on the floor of the maintenance closet with a grunt of frustration. She hid here to be alone when classroom chaos pushed her to the edge. Today, though, she heard a snort! from the other side of some shelves. Who…? Stefi saw a flash of rainbow colors, and a soft rustling…

  • A Link to the Past

    A Link to the Past

    In which Jordyn the Life Coach visits a lost world found by one of her clients. It’s a world where the fictional realm of Hyrule never lost its princess, and where Jordyn never lost hers.

  • Alexandria Ex Machina

    Alexandria Ex Machina

    In the end, Dru was just on this trip for the ride. Oh, sure; between shifts they engaged with each co-worker, schooling them on the virtues of chaos. But as their shift approached, so did distraction, as they anticipated their next ride.

  • Mask of Blue Havana

    Mask of Blue Havana

    Summary: The year is 1898 and Cuba is fighting the Spanish for independence. An American Naval officer and a Cuban woman attend a masked ball, in a rarified haven amidst a city full of desperate refugees. Which is keeping a secret behind their mask?